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Company Profile

The technical company was established in 1985, at Thessaloniki by Maria Tavridou, Mechanical Engineer, graduate of the School of Engineering – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and is activated in providing services in Electrical – Mechanical Engineering studies, supervision and installations of private and public technical projects, technical consultancy regarding business organizing and licensing in processing industries and also safety in work services. During the last years, our activities have been expanded within the fields of services in the following areas: business administration, quality management and occupational health & safety as well.

In particular, we are providing the following type of services:

  • Studies – supervisions of private and public interest technical projects in electrical and mechanical installations
  • Fire-protection studies for buildings and special designed installations
  • Environmental impact studies, biological treatments units
  • Licensing of industrial activities, automobile service stations, car parks, gas stations, shops and stores of sanitary interest
  • Technical consulting services regarding processes in processing industries (small, medium and big scale industries, factories)
  • Occupational Health & Safety – mechanical engineering supervision services.

In parallel, Maria Tavridou is the founder member and administrator of the construction company «MARIA TAVRIDOU & PARTNERS» - «EUROPEAN CONSTRUCTIONS AND CONSULTING COMPANY E.C.C.», which is active within the fields of technical studies preparation, supervision and elaboration of electrical – mechanical installations in European level.

The basic characteristics of our company are responsibility, consistency, decency, best of quality and provision of rapid services. All the above have established and kept it viable and trustworthy up to today on an environment of intense and constant growth of competition.

The outcome of our clients’ trust is the rapid growth of our annual turnover resulting in the company to be consisted of six highly qualified personnel. In addition, we outsource specific activities to external experts according to the needs of the projects.

All our colleagues are continuously trained and informed on all the technical progress within the design and constructions’ fields, participating in seminars and keeping up with the technical and environmental legislation update.

The last years, our activities expanded in the sectors of service provision as follows:

  • Design and installation of Renewable Energy systems
  • Energy related studies
  • Energy audits.

The experience in various demanding building services engineering projects, the continuous update with new technologies and the cooperation with well trained personnel guarantee the provision of integrated solutions for every level of demand in the design, supervision and execution phase of wide range technical projects.

Responsibility – Consistency – Credibility

We guarantee to provide to our clients the best integrated solution based on:

  • Our long-lasting experience in desinging studies, supervision and implementation of       technical projects with specific requirements
  • Continusly following of innovative technologies adjusted to the requirements of teh specific projects.
  • Collaboration with highly educated personnel, continusly informed and trained in innovative techniques and policies of the sector.

Quality – Speed

Two of the most important aspects of our services is the Quality and the responce Speed that facilated our establishment as one of the best playes in the relevant market.

Finally, our office certified following the Quality Management Standard according to the international standard ISO 9001:2000, which was completed on September 2008, giving us the opportunity to operate under better conditions and infrastructures.