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Health & Safety Services

The occupational health and safety Manager – Engineer:

  • Provides to the employer – owner of the company consultation and guidance on issues related to the health and safety in work and prevention of occupational accidents.
  • Provides consultancy in matters of:
  1. designing, programming, construction and maintenance of installations,
  2. implementation of new production procedures and techniques,
  3. procurement of protective means and equipment,
  4. selection and evaluation of the effectiveness of the individual protective means and of the arrangement of the working places and environment,
  5. and in general the management of the production processes.
  • Inspects the safety of facilities and technical means, prior to their operation and also the production processes and working methods prior to their application.
  • Monitors the enforcement of occupational health and safety practices and the prevention of relative accidents and incidents, informing the relevant supervisors of all departments and/or the business management.

Our experience and know-how in combination with the responsibility, guarantee the providence of our services in the highest and most effective level of the above mentioned section. Our services include:

  • Provision of health & safety services as described by the existing legislation of H&S, under the status of monthly audits
  • Updating the Occupational Health and Safety Management Book
  • Elaboration of the Written Estimation of the Occupational Hazard Estimation
  • Design study of safety signage
  • Handbook and Best Practice Guides writing (applied when it is accounted as requisite).
  • Personnel training on occupational risk prevention and minimization, incident – accidents confrontation, preparation and elaboration of emergency response plans.