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Energy Studies

The company is active within the field of renewable energy resources (R.E.S.). The design team undertakes the design, study, issuance of production license from the Regulatory Authority of Energy, Installation license, Environmental license, Connection to the grid process with the Public Power Company (P.C.C.), 0perations License, preparation, submission and follow up of co-financing proposals, for every kind of energy related project (hydro electrical, wind farm, photovoltaic park, Combined Heat and Power (C.H.P.), providing the essential technical and consulting services with total support, for the project elaboration.

The company elaborates projects related to:


  • Real estate appraisal regarding the suitability for renewable energy resources installation projects
  • Preliminary study, financial appraisal and estimation of electrical energy production
  • Implementation studies
  • Assessment of technical specifications and financial offers
  • Issuance of Environmental licenses
  • Issuance of power production and operation licenses,
  • Grid Connection procedure with Public Power Company (P.P.C.) – Agreement with the Hellenic Energy Transmission System Operator S.A.
  • Preparation and submission of co-financing proposals to the new Development Law (N.3299/2004) , and follow up after their approval for every kind of energy related project
  • Supervision of project’s installation.