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Electrical and Mechanical installations of private and public buildings

Fire-protection and safety

Enviromental impact studies and biological treatment units

Energy Studies (photovoltaics,wind farms, installations of renewable energy sources (R.E.S),
Combined Heat and Power (C.H.P.))

Energy efficiency of buildings - energy efficiency certifications

Estimation of occupational hazards

Feasibility Studies  
Licensing of Companies 

Industrial buildings, factories, medium size factories (installed power <22KW)

Automobiles installations, gas stations, car-parks

Sanitary interest establishments

Services Provision

Health and Safety on the working enviroment

Supervision of Mechanical engineering projects

Consultancy Services

Διαχείρισης & Κατασκευής Τεχνικών Έργων

Ενεργειακής Επιθεώρησης Κτιρίων και Βιομηχανιών - Ενεργειακής Πιστοποίησης Κτιρίων